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vteindic — Source code Released on sourceforge

We have released the source code of vteindic as sourceforge project. We are still fixing the issues in VTE.
The issues are not at all related to rendering but other processing. We are about to finalize the complete
documentation of the project, and will be released soon.

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Indianization of GNOME-terminal: 1st runner up at PSPL project fair

Our project “Indianization of GNOME-terminal” stood 1st runner up in the project fair organized by PSPL. The unique thing about our project was that, our project was the only FOSS project on platform “GNU/Linux” and released under GPL license. It was quiet encouraging for us. We had never participated in such fair before. Project fair was organized by PSPL. There were around 40 projects participating from 16 different colleges. Each project was one of the top three projects from that college. We were fortunate that we were representing our college as one of the top three project. We started with great enthusiasm, explaining each person all details of our project.There was a lot of demand from visitors to know about project. We never hesitated in explaining the project. As our project was different from other projects, we had to explain our project with all minute details like why there is rendering problem in GNOME-terminal, what is rendering engine, working of terminal emulator, our work etc. We were talking continuously for almost 7 hours, had no chance of rest. We were very much glad to see the response from the visitors to our project. All the visitors loved our project very much and their feed-backs were awesome like “Great job”, “Nice project, and nice implementation”, “We also have similar problem, and your implementation will help our project to solve our problems”,etc.

Evaluation process of the project was a three round process.First round was elimination round where top 10 projects among all were selected.Evaluation was done by experienced professional people and professors from various colleges. In first round of evaluation process, various testcases like rendering complex Devanagari words, Sanskrit words, etc. were designed by the examiner and our project was tested against those testcases. After that our project was selected for the next round of evaluation process. In the second round of process examiner asked about the generality of the project, i.e. whether the implementation can be generalized for other languages. We explained the examiner how we have generalized the implementation for other languages. The examiner was very much delighted on our project and our work. Final round of evaluation was the minute level implementation. Examiner was very well known about the problem, the process of rendering in the terminal. He asked about the algorithm of implementation, how the rendering of Devanagari script is implemented as it is very dynamic in nature,etc. We explained our finite state machine implementation for the project, how the inter-cell interaction works for this state machine, etc. We explained the rendering process in detail. Examiner was very much satisfied with our answers and the implementation. After all this process of evaluation our project was declared as the 1st runner up in the competition.

There are some issues yet to be fixed, but those issues are not at all related to the rendering. Rendering of Devanagari script is almost perfect and the prize we won is the proof for that. This prize have boosted our confidence.

When we started with the project we had no idea that whether it is doable or not, we have worked very hard to solve the problem and of course under valuable guidance of prof. Abhijit A.M. without which the project would never have got completed. Our next task is to solve the issues that are created due to changes in the rendering part in VTE, and we are sure we will fix these issues but we need help from the community for that.

Swapnil Sudhakar Kulkarni

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